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What to do when your Binance API key expires?

BravoBot relies on Binance API keys to work. However, for security reasons Binance has a feature where their API keys expire after 90 days. So the user will have to go into their API key management and reset the permissions for the bot to continue to function.

Resetting your API Key

Log In

Head over to Binance and log in.

Go to API Management


Edit Restrictions of your current API Key


Make sure "Enable Reading" is on and enable "Enable Spot & Margin Trading" then save

Sometimes "Enable Spot & Margin Trading" will be turned on, toggle it off, then save, then toggle it on.  


Now press "Start" on your errored bots

If the bots do not work after taking these steps wait 5 minutes for Binance to update your API key then try again.

Further Support

If these steps do not solve your problem feel free to reach out at the #support channel in Discord or join the Telegram Community channel.

We also have a contact email: [email protected]