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Virtual Wallets

Virtual wallets is BravoBot’s solution to wanting to run multiple trading bots on one exchange account. Virtual wallets allow you to split your wallet into smaller wallets for different bots to utilize. The bots will automatically update their assigned wallet each time they make a profit or loss.

Virtual wallets can have varying amounts of BUSD. For example, if you have a safe bot, you can allocate a greater amount of BUSD and assign a smaller amount to a risky bot.

Virtual wallets are only used for live bots. You do not have to create any virtual wallets to run backtests.


For example, your Binance account has 1000 BUSD, and you wish to run five bots with that amount of BUSD. You can create five virtual wallets with 200 BUSD each or varying amounts (200 BUSD, 100 BUSD, 300 BUSD, 150 BUSD, and 250 BUSD).



To create a virtual wallet, you need to have your API key attached to BravoBot. You can find out how to do that here. Next, go to the “Virtual Wallets” link on the left side of the website and then press “+ Create a new Virtual Wallet.” Name it, select your API Key (it will have the name you assigned), and then fetch your balance. Next, allocate how much BUSD you want your wallet to have, and then press “Save changes.” Now you have created your first virtual wallet!


BravoBot will automatically adjust the amount of available BUSD so that the virtual wallets do not overlap. Also the virtual wallets will be unique to each bot that uses them. So its always one-to-one, one wallet per one live bot.


You can modify your virtual wallets by pressing “Modify” in the case that you want to adjust the amount of BUSD they have. For example, you have one bot with 1,000 BUSD and you want to run two bots. All you have to do is to stop the bot, modify the wallet to have less BUSD, and then create a new wallet with that BUSD.

What's next?

Now that you have a virtual wallet set up, the next step is to create a live bot with the settings from your backtests.