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Telegram Notifications

This is a simple guide on attaching your Telegram account to receive notifications from your bots on BravoBot. 


  1. Open Telegram and go to ‘settings.’ Your username should be under your name and phone number.

  2. Go to the settings page on BravoBot, under ‘notifications,’ enter your username with or without the @, and then press save.

  3. Click on the ‘Open Telegram Bot’ button and then click or type ‘/start.’

  4. The bot should let you know that you have successfully connected your telegram account to BravoBot.
  5. You will now receive all notifications from BravoBot enabled at the top of the notifications settings.


Additional note: If the ‘Open Telegram Bot’ button does not work, open Telegram, open chat with ‘@bravobot_bot,’ and then click or type ‘/start.’