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Telegram Notifications

How to create a Telegram bot, get its Bot Token as well as Chat ID and connect it to BravoBot Notification System in 10 steps.

  1. Open Telegram.
  2. Search contacts for BotFather (‘@BotFather’).
  3. Send the BotFather the message. ‘/newbot’.
  4. The BotFather will ask you to name the bot. Name it whatever you wish.
  5. If successful, the BotFather will ask you for a username. Give it a username that ends in ‘bot’.
  6. If successful your bot has now been created. The BotFather will give you the link to find your new Bot. ‘<<your_bot_username>’. As well as a token to access the HTTP API, this is the ‘Bot Token’, copy this token.
  7. Go into your bot’s chat and click ‘START’.
  8. Send your bot a message. Doesn’t matter what.
  9. Now go to<YourBOTToken>/getUpdates , replace <YourBOTToken> with the token you obtained in step 6.
  10. You will see a key that says “id”:<numbers>. This is your Chat ID.

Enter the Bot Token and Chat ID into the Notification Settings panel in your user settings, and you are done!