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Adding KuCoin API

BravoBot uses API keys to make trandes on your behalf. API keys gives BravoBot the ability to check your balance to know if you can afford to make a trade and to make trades automatically. So to utilize the full power of BravoBot it will need your API key.

If you wish to use Binance (non US version) click here.

Starting Off

You can find the API panel in the settings of your account. Then you will want to head over to the “API Keys” tab. Here you will be able to label your API key. Naming your API key is essential if you’re using multiple exchanges – making them easier to identify. As of writing this, is the only exchange BravoBot supports, but in the future, there will be more options under the exchange dropdown in the future. The last two fields are for the API key and API key secret, these two are essential to the functionality of the bot.


Getting the API Key

To get your KuCoin API key, you need to be logged in, head over to the icon that looks like a person in a circle, and in the menu that comes up, press “API Management.”