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Currently, BravoBot supports BUSD on Binance or USDT on KuCoin as the currency that will be used to enter positions, calculate profit/loss, etc. So if you wish to use BravoBot for trading, make sure you have at least 50 BUSD/USDT in your SPOT wallet.


For the Grid Trading Strategy to work you will need to have at least 15 BUSD/USDT per grid level you wish to use. So make sure you have enough or decrease the number of levels. More on this later.

BNB/KCS for Fees

Note: Exchanges charge a fee of each time a trade is made. The fee is always taken out of the trade leading to “dust” (fractions of coins). To negate this the user must have at least 10 BUSD/USDT worth of BNB/KCS in their SPOT wallet, to pay for the fees. The exchanges instead will take the fee from their BNB/USDT at a discounted rate.

The user must manually enable this option on their Binance/KuCoin dashboard. This is found in the bottom right of the dashboard.



This is required for BravoBot to operate.