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Creating a Live Bot

Now that you have all the pieces needed to make a live bot let’s make one. You can either copy your settings from backtesting manually or press the “Copy to Live Bots” this will take your backtest bot and place it into your live bot dashboard. Go to your live dashboard and modify the bot, add a wallet, save, and run it.

That’s it. Congrats on creating and running a bot!

Good luck!

Controlling Your Live Bot

If you want to modify your settings, the best practice is to wait until the end of the cycle. This is when the bot exits the trade.


Ways of Stopping the Bot

There are times when the bot might be in a trade for long periods, and you want to stop the bot.

Stop After Trade

This is probably the best way to stop the bot. This tells the bot that you want it to stop once it exits out of the trade. We recommend you use this option most of the time. This option is the “graceful shutdown” when it’s in a trade.

Market Sell & Stop

This option is the second-best. It will automatically market sell the position and stop the bot. It is also “graceful.”

Force Stop

This option should only be used for emergency purposes or if the bot has yet to enter a trade. Force stopping the bot will keep you in the position with no one behind the steering wheel of the trade, and the virtual wallets won’t be updated once the trade is complete. The user will manually have to intervene and re-adjust their virtual wallet after using this option.