Backtest Bot Administration

The ‘Backtest Bot Administration’ category contains all aspects related to ‘backtesting bots’.

Backtesting bots are bots which simulate the behaviour of live bots, but on past trading data, using imaginary money.

Backtesting works by using old pricing data collected by BravoBot to go back in time and trade as if the bot was running back then. This helps the user understand how good their strategy is against historical data.

Backtest Bot Control Panel

The backtest control panel is where the user is able to get an overview of their backtest bots, as well as control them, and create new ones. In the top right of the page is the creation button, next to it is the refresh button which will update the page without refreshing the entire website.

backtest panel.png

Under the aforementioned buttons, four cards with general information is found. This general information cards, include the total number of backtesting bots created, the number of bots that are currently running, the number of bots that are currently stopped due to an error, and the number of reports (more on this later) generated by the bot.

Backtesting bots are able to be copied over to live bots, by selecting a live bot, and then clicking on the ‘Copy to Live Bots’ button found under the ‘Controls’ menu.

Creation of a Backtest Bot

Backtest bots require some housekeeping information, this includes a name, an imaginary wallet size, a fixed buy order size, and a backtesting length. Since backtesting bots do not use actual BUSD to trade, the user can enter any amount of BUSD they wish the bot to backtest with. The backtesting bots do however adhere to the minimum requirements set by Binance. Thus, we recommend that at minimum, your fixed order size be at least equal to 15 BUSD. As, Binance has minimum limits in place for order sizes.


Coin List

The coin list is a selection of coins by the user that the bot will trade. These can be selected either with the quick selection buttons by their market cap (top 5, top 10, top 25, top 50) or by manually pressing select. The coins can be removed by hand by either finding them on the table and pressing the “selected” button to deselect or by pressing on the coin logo un the “Coins Selected.” The coin list consists of coins that have enough pricing data, are not stable coins, and are traded against BUSD.


The user-selected coins will all be traded against using the user-provided entry and exit rules.

Entry Strategies

The way BravoBot deals with entry strategies is unique. The user can have multiple entry strategies. Each entry strategy can consist of one or more entry rules. Rules are user-defined conditions that evaluate to either true or false. If just one of the potentially multiple entry strategies is true, the bot will enter a position. For an entry strategy to evaluate to be true, every rule within it must be true at the same time.