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Account Administration

Account Administration is where the user can manage their account.




Basic is where the user can see all information about their account. The only thing they can currently change on this page is their timezone which also can be auto-detected. At the bottom is “Account verified?” this indicates to the user if their email has been verified after registration.



The security tab gives the user control over the sessions and their account. The user can see on which IP address their account has a logged-in session and when it was last active on that session. There are controls to expire each session or outright expire all. There is also an account deletion button.



The email tab allows the user to add additional emails to the account. Once the user has added an additional email they’re able to swap which email is the primary email. The primary email is the email used to sign in. When changing the primary email, users will receive an email where they have to confirm that they wish to switch their primary email to the new one.



The passwords tab is where the user can change their password.


API Keys

What is an API Key?

An application programming interface key (API key) is a unique identifier used to authenticate a user, developer, or calling program to an API. However, they are typically used to authenticate a project with the API rather than a human user. Different platforms may implement and use API keys in different ways. Put simply, it allows Bravobot to do two things, read your wallet balance, and trade on your behalf. The API key DOES NOT allow BravoBot to withdraw funds from your account. API key permissions are controllable within your Binance account. Users are not allowed to have ‘Withdraw’ permissions enabled. If withdraw permissions are enabled on an API key, BravoBot will not function. This is a security mechanism!

The ‘API keys’ tab is where users add their exchange API keys. API keys are used for the virtual wallets and live bots when trading. Currently, Binance is the only exchange supported. For a Binance API key to work, the user will have to have “Enable Reading” and have “Enable Spot & Margin Trading” enabled.


TheThis Binancepage also tells the user what IPs they must whitelist for BravoBot to operate and to bolster the security of their API key permissions expire 90 days after the key has been created. The user will manually go to Binance and reactivate the permissions every 90 days. This is a security measure done by Binance; BravoBot has no control over this rule. Bravobot recommends that you additionally also have two-factor authentication (2FA) enabled on your Binance account to increase security.keys.

Reactivating your Binance API Key

To reactivate your Binance API key you want to uncheck the “Enable Spot & Margin Trading”, save the API key settings, then enable (check) the permission once again, and save. This will take 1-5 minutes to update on Binance’s end. This will allow you to keep using Bravobot for another 90 days using the same API key.


The notifications tab is where the user sets up their notification rules. In the notification settings, a table can be found which allows users to enable or disable notifications on a per-event and per-channel basis.

Telegram Notifications

Users can integrate telegram notifications using the following guide. The notification implementation system for Telegram is being reworked to be easier to set up. However, the current method still works.

Internal Notifications

In the top right of the screen, there is a notification bell. The notifications that are enabled under the “Internal Notification” tab seen in the aforementioned settings tab will be found here. Users can click on a notification to find more information about it, or clear all notifications by pressing on the blue checkmark in the top right of the notification bell menu.