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Price Change (%)

Price Change (%) is an indicator that uses previous candle data to see by what percentage the market has changed.

Usage on BravoBot

There are two ways to use this entry strategy on BravoBot. The first method is simply requiring the percentage to be higher than user-set percentage on a bullish market or lower than user-set percentage in a bearish market on a user-set time-frame.

The second way to make calculated percentage be within the range between the user set number and 0%. For example on a downwards market maybe you wish to set the entry signal to be that the price decrease percentage over 7 days must be between -5% and 0. So if the price change % is between -5% and 0 then the bot will enter.


For the following settings these conditions have to be met: the current price must be over 2% greater than the last candle on the 1 day candle chart for the bot to enter a position.